Lasertrader.org is maintained by a Laser/Thistle/Star sailor who also happens to be a computer geek.

This site was envisioned as a community service site to help folks find and sell used Laser class sailboats. Fancy web design was never mentioned in Lasertrader.org's charter. Because the sailboat ads are free, Lasertrader.org depends on Google Adsense and the occasional targeted ad to pay the hosting bills.

As a sailer, photographer, and Drupal consultant, the owner is also involved in a few other website projects.

www.cyclecycle.info is a website with a growing list of technical bicycle articles.

www.sailnut.com is this computer geeks 'catch all' website that includes mostly sailing, boating, and cycling content.

www.trummert.com describes the journey of an amateur cyclocross racer towards competing in the 2019 Cyclocross Nationals at Fort Steilacoom Park.